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It Takes Two Series

“We all have much more in common than we have difference.”
— Ernest Gaines

The two-party political system in America crudely splits the country along ideological lines with little room for multifaceted perspectives or nuance. This systematic divisiveness has never been more apparent than with the 2016 election, leading to an almost perpetual state of protest and objection. Whilst being a critical part of a functioning democracy and a vital form of civil expression, the intent of reactionary protest is primarily to express opposition, not to engage in a dialogue. As such, collective-minded gatherings rarely result in productive interpersonal discussion with the other side, the finding of common ground or a mutually satisfactory resolution.

This series of protest banners are instead inviting a conversation; asking us to talk more, shout less and with political violence on the rise, calling for rational debate and discourse when it seems like we need it the most. As designers it is our deeply held belief that understanding through communication is the best chance we have to create a better shared future, regardless of our disparate ideologies.

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